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K A W A I I . C O R N E R
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6th-Feb-2013 12:53 pm - [sticky post] NOTICE
Sorry guys, we can't no longer continue, too much works and stuff in life that make us unable to do it anymore.
Hope u all understand us and thx for all ur support.


Yes we will try to "transfer" it to another group that are willing to do so u guys can read it and me too, I would like to see some of our series continue XD
24th-Mar-2012 11:40 pm - F.A.Q
Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Kawaii Corner?
A: Kawaii Corner is a non-profit scanlation group that translate any type and unlicensed manga.

Q: Where can I download your releases?
A: All of our releases can be download here, entry tags might be able to help you find the manga.

Q: Why can't I download your releases?
A: You can't download any manga if you are not a member of this community.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can pm the admin (i-Yume, i-Yuuki) or mail us at kawaii_corner@hotmail.ca

Q: Why KC reject my membership request?
A: It's not like we don't like your username so we reject you...
It's because your email is not validated, that's why we can't add you.

If you validated your email and still cannot join us, then you only have 2 more options:
- Read online o-o
- or join our group at Crunchyroll: here

Q: Do you accept joints?
A: Yes of course but depends on what project you want to do the joint and why.

Q: Can we host your projects?
A: Yes but do not remove/change/alter anything form the original file

Q: Can I translate one of your manga into a different language?
A: Ask permission first and respect our decision even it's a no.

Here's the rules:
- First come, first serve and one group per manga, per language.
- Do not remove our credits.
- Only use our releases to re-edit them, no raws.

Q: When is the next chapter of [TITLE] is going to be released?
A: Good question! We don't know because we don't release chapters at a specific time,
since we are using our free time to do that, it might take days, weeks or even month for a chapter to be released.

Q: Can I join KC?
A: Depends if we need people, you can check here for more details.
14th-Nov-2011 11:03 pm - [RECRUIT] NEED TRANSLATORS!!
Hello everyone m(_ _)m

we are currently in need of translators, specially Japanese translators,
since some of our current translators are slow and some of them may leave
us (─‿‿─)
that's why we really need new translators.

KC is a very little group that doesn't contain a lot of staff and we have survived for almost
2 years and still want to continue.
So we need supports...(✖╭╮✖)

If you want to be part of us, please reply.
Thx ~

Title: Tsubakikan no Utsukushi Sugiru Garçon 
Author: YUUKI Riko
Genre: Romance, Shoujo

22nd-Jun-2011 11:13 pm - WE DROPPED...
We are going to drop sensei ... >.<

Title: Sensei ni, Ageru
Japanese Title: 先生に、あげる。
Author: YAMADA Daisy
Genre: Romance, Shoujo
Status: 1 Volume (Ongoing)

There's already another translation group doing it.

Shounen Hakaryuudo

We don't have the fourth volume and we don't have, at the moment, a translator for this manga.
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